Brooker Creek Preserve

Brooker Creek Preserve and Environmental Education Center, Pinellas County, FL. 2007
Design and Illustrations: Linda M. Feltner,
Writer: Wendy Walker,
3-D Designer: Alan Ransenberg
Fabricators: Pacific Studio, Seattle, WA

Representing the largest single tract of wilderness remaining in the county, the preserve contains more than 8,000 acres. It protects much of the Brooker Creek watershed. Outdoor interactive exhibits, panels, and bronze sculpture of the watershed interpret the freshwater wetlands and varied habitats such as swamp, oak hammock, sandhill and pine flatwood.

Feltner-Brooker-Butterfly 580x653Feltner-Brooker-spinner 580x433Feltner-Brooker-PollutionTrap 580x435Feltner-Brooker-Bronze580x527Feltner-Brooker-Fire-150-580x388Panel 11.2-080406FA¥¥pathBrooker 9-BPanel 9.1-08046FA¥¥pathFeltner-Brooker Entry 580x831Feltner-Brooker-trail 580x435