Las Cienegas Pronghorns

High desert rolling grasslands are home to a herd of Chihuahuan Pronghorn in the Las Cienegas National Conservation Area in southeastern Arizona. This subspecies was introduced into the area from Texas in the 1980s, as this was thought to be the subspecies that historically roamed these grasslands. Named for the prong, or single branch on the horn, worn by both male and female, they are shed each year. It is the fastest land mammal in Arizona, but it doesn’t jump fences. Fences are barriers, unless they are built allowing the pronghorn to crawl under. These grasslands are home to many animals, and are vulnerable to encroaching mesquite forests. Active management to reduce the invading trees help keep the grasslands open for abundant wildlife.

Description: Pronghorn (Antilocapra americana mexicana), Ravens (Corvus corax) and Gray Bird Grasshopper (Schistocerca nitens)
Medium: Transparent Watercolor
Size: 16.5” w x 15” h
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Archival Print: $350.00