Swallows Over Gold

Imagine the delicate sound of chittering Barn Swallows sweeping across the wetlands towards their evening roost. Wetlands are among the most threatened ecosystems. They are becoming acknowledged as biodiverse communities of plants and animals that deserve protection throughout the world.

Art that Matters to the Planet. Roger Tory Peterson Institute Exhibition. Society of Animal Artists. August-October 2021. Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum, Oradell, NJ (Nov-Jan 2022). The Sternberg Museum of Natural History, Hays, KS (Feb-May 2022).

Artists for Conservation Annual Exhibition, 2018.
In collaboration with the 27th International Ornithological Congress, Vancouver, BC, August 2018.

Description: Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica)
Medium: Transparent Watercolor
Size: unframed 7x10”
Framed Original: $3500.00
Archival Print: $40.00