Sycamore Sentinel

Arizona Sycamores are majestic sentinels in the forested canyons of southeast Arizona’s sky island mountains. Preferring canyons with permanent streams, mature trees can reach 80 feet tall and enormous girths. Constantly shedding bark reveals a smooth surface with myriad subtle colors. Strikingly beautiful, with sinuous limbs and curious bumps and shapes, it is one of my favorite trees to paint. To emphasize its prodigious size, a male Elegant Trogon, about a foot in length, sits high in the branches.

Description: Arizona Sycamore (Plantanus wrightii) and Elegant Trogon (Trogon elegans)

Medium: transparent watercolor
Size: 21” w x 27" h unframed size
Price: $3500.00
Archival Print: $350.00