The Full Monte

A striking denizen of open, grassy woodlands in the mountains of southeastern Arizona, the Montezuma Quail is extremely secretive and expertly camouflaged. It was once known as “Fool’s Quail” for its habit of crouching when alarmed. The male sports the harlequin pattern whereas females are cloaked in delicate tan and umber. This male exhibited its ability to crouch and freeze, while following the circling movement of a potential predator, until it was viewed fully from the front.

Permanent Collection of the Art Institute of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

Society of Animal Artists 55th Art and the Animal.
Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, Annual Juried Exhibition, 2015. A People's Choice Award.

Montezuma Quail (Cyrtonyx montezumae) and Ground Spider (Drassyllus depressus)
Medium: graphite and transparent watercolor
Size: 13”x18.5”
Original: SOLD
Archival Print: #350.00

FELTNER-FULL-MONTE-20150202, 2/2/15, 9:04 PM,  8C, 10666x14213 (0+0), 133%, TEST1A,  1/15 s, R41.8, G20.5, B36.8