Weedon Island Preserve

Weedon Island Preserve Cultural & Natural History Center,
Pinellas County, FL. 2007
Design and Illustrations: Linda M. Feltner,
Writer: Wendy Walker
Graphic Design: Nicole Weber
3-D Designer: Alan Ransenberg
Fabricator: Pacific Studios, Seattle, WA.

Twenty outdoor exhibits interpret the preserve and its rich mosaic of mangrove swamps, mudflats, pine flatwoods and oak hammocks. Prehistoric and historic cultures also played a significant role in shaping the land.

Weedon Island Preserve - "A Place to Remember"
Weedon Island Preserve is an expansive 3,190-acre natural area located on Tampa Bay. This coastal system, comprised of aquatic and upland ecosystems, is home to numerous species of native plants and animals, an educational facility and a rich cultural history. Indigenous peoples occupied this site for thousands of years. Today, the preserve protects this wide diversity of natural and cultural resources for current and future generations. Weedon Island Preserve is also a well-known birding and fishing site.

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