Evening Encounter

The ringtail, with large eyes and appealing demeanor, is among the nocturnal wonders of the Sky Islands of southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico. These forested mountain ranges are internationally important for their outstanding biological diversity. They support many species found nowhere else in the United States, among them this relative of the familiar raccoons. Agile climbers in rocky terrain, ringtails forage for fruits and small animals in the varied habitats of this special ecosystem. This painting of the ringtail, blue-winged grasshopper, and piñon pine is from a series created to promote curiosity and appreciation of the region’s biological diversity.

The Society of Animal Artists 53rd Annual Exhibition,
Bennington Center for the Arts, VT

Artists for Conservation: The Art of Conservation 2013

The Guild of Natural Science Illustrators Annual Exhibition, Bar Harbor, ME. A People's Choice Award

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum Permanent Collection

Ringtail (Bassariscus astutus), Blue-winged Grasshopper (Trimerotropis cyaneipennis) and Piñon Pine (Pinus edulis)

Transparent watercolor
Size: 13.25” w x 10.24” h
Original: SOLD
Archival Prints: $350.00