Natural History Museum of Utah

Natural History Museum of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT. 2011
Exhibits Designer: Ralph Appelbaum Associates, NY.
Illustrations for:
First Peoples: Median Village Flip Up Labels
Land: Animals and plants for elevations
Lake: Wetland/Shoreline adaptation
Life: Pollination
Panorama painting for 3-D Interactive Exhibit

The Natural History Museum of Utah is pleased to be open in our new home, the Rio Tinto Center, to serve as the state's new natural history museum building.  Located in the foothills above Salt Lake City, the building is an accomplishment of the community and will serve to further the Museum's mission; to illuminate the natural world and humans place within it. 

With the opening of the Rio Tinto Center, Utah has the natural history museum that a state rich in natural history and assets deserves. A visit to the Museum allows visitors to explore nature and science in ten themed galleries, and to also step outdoors to experience nature as it's revealed just outside the building.  The exhibits and the Trailhead to Utah encourage visitors to explore nature and science at other museums, national and state parks, and destinations around the state. And the Museum is passionate about studying science and engaging visitors in current research with a vision toward the future of life in our dynamic and growing region.

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