Saguaro National Park Visitor Center

Saguaro National Park. Rincon Mountain Visitor Center, Tucson, AZ. (2014-2015)
Visitor Center Renovation Exhibit Design: EDX (Edquist Davis Exhibits), Seattle, WA.
Andy Fisher, Project Manager. Chief of Interpretation and Public Information Officer, Saguaro National Park, Tucson, AZ.

Mural: 9'h x 24' w. Graphite and Watercolor on Illustration Board. Digitally enlarged for fabrication.
Research Map:
Illustrations for interpretive panels.
Illustration for Introductory Banner.

SAGU Mural Installed 1401Feltner-SAGUMural-72-580x260Feltner-SAGUMuralDove-150-580x465Feltner-SAGUMuralPart-seeds 150-580x630Feltner-SAGUMuralGilaWP-150-580x316Feltner-SAGUMuralLizard-150-580x188Feltner-SAGUMuralPackRat-150-580x263Feltner-SAGUMap-72-580x